I have been recording/producing/performing music for almost 10 years now. Through these years I've gained some precious experience, skills and knowledge that I can offer to the world today.

I'm available for session work, so if you or your band/project needs studio or live guitarist or help with arrangement or whatever then feel free to contact me.

I have enough of equipment and I'm able to track my guitar at home studio, but I don't mind going to actual studio if needed.
As for live, I'm ready to go anywhere you can take me :-)

Anyway, I won't flood you with lots of information, if you feel like collaborating then get in touch and we will sort out all the needed questions!


Joncofy - Rorschach Inkblots (rehearsal live)

Joncofy - Rorschach Inkblots ( live Euroblast festival 2012)

Robar - Night Comes Clean ( Soilwork cover live Kiev Music Expo 2012)

Fragile Art - Black Freedom (live ProRock festival 2009)