On this page you will find some of the frequent asked questions I get. Anyway, if you can't find the answer to your question here, you can get in touch with me via contact form.

  1. How old are you?
    It changes every year, I can't keep up with it!
    Haha, but honestly, why does it matter? We've all seen those asian kids on YouTube who would kick mine and most other guitarists asses.
  2. Where I can find tabs for the songs you've covered?
    I don't use tabs and transcript every song by ear. However, sometimes I write tabs for you guys and you can check out Video page, along every video there's a short description with TAB download if available. If it says "not available" then it means I haven't written it yet, I'm sorry. BUT, on video detail page you can vote for tabs and I will put my priority to write most voted tabs!
  3. I've sent you a message a while ago, but you didn't answer! Why?
    I'm truly sorry, I'm horrible at networking...It happens, sometimes I open up my mail box and there are so many messages, notifications, spam and whatnot so I can easily miss your message. At times I'm busy and decide to answer later and eventually forget to do so. That's my bad, but please try once again! I'm happy to communicate even if it's about your dog that pissed on the carpet.
  4. Can you send me your POD patch?

    If you landed here on this website and actually reading this it means something for me, and I'd be glad to send you some of my patches to try!

    Please shoot me a message via Contact form and I will try to be quick with a reply. And do not forget to mention your YouTube name;)
    However, with different guitars and pickups they gonna sound different, so you have to tweak it yourself eventually, but I can give you something to start with.

  5. How do you pick songs to cover?
    A giant duck pays me duck dollars to play it's favourite songs! But seriously, no, it's just a regular sized duck. If I really like the song and I enjoy playing it - that's it!
    And it doesn't matter for me if it's some kind of crazy shredding or just simple chords tune.

    I also consider requests from people! If you'd like to suggest the song to cover, please submit the Request form
  6. What "Robar" means?
    It's very simple. My real name is Roman Barbun, and "ROBAR" is just a mix of my name and surname, so it gets "RO" from Roman and "BAR" from Barbun. DUH!

    I've been told a few times that in Spanish "robar" means "to steal" but it has nothing to do with my nickname. It might as well mean "boobs" in some other language, how would I know?
  7. Do you play in any band?
    Currently, no. But I do have a few different projects that I'm working on!

    I used to play in bands like Joncofy, Fragile Art, Outvile and have some blasting touring experience behind my back. I also used to perform as a session musician.
  8. Are your covers live?
    Yes, my covers are live. I don't want to fool people with that, what you see is exactly what I play. Makes things a lot more difficult, but I like challenges!
  9. Why do you perform covers?
    Well, there are several reasons:

    1) The first and the main one - I just like it! :)

    2) I believe that people can learn how to play some of the songs by watching my covers or at least get some hints. From time to time I even overcome myself and write tabs so it makes things even easier to learn.

    3) Covers are good way to promote yourself as performer. I also happen to compose a lot of music and I'm super glad that my audience likes what I do!
  10. How do you record your covers?
    I use Line 6 POD HD 500 connected via USB to my computer, so it works as an external sound card and gives me the possibility to record my guitar.
    I start with putting the original track (if it's a cover) into Cubase project and adjusting the loudness to around -7 DB volume. Then I add another empty track to record my guitar.
    Then I set up a camera, hit record on the camera and then hit record in Cubase, so while camera captures the video, my computer captures the audio.
    I normally do 5-7 takes and then listen to decide which take is the best. After that I find the video of that specific take on the camera and glue video and audio together in Adobe Premiere. As the final and most important step I make myself a toast and a nice cup-o-tea. Oh no, I just revealed my secret!
  11. I remember you had different YouTube channel, what happened to that one?
    Yes, that's right. In November 2012 YouTube terminated my old channel without any warnings. I was not able to get it back, so I made a brand new one and re-uploaded most of the videos.
    It's sad that I've lost all the beautiful comments and subscribers but life sometimes slaps you in a face, suck up and deal with it!
  12. Which strings/gauge you use?
    My favorite strings brand is Ernie Ball. But I also casually use D'Addario and Dean Markley.
    Concerning the gauge, I use 11-54, 11-56, 10-52 and sometimes even 9-46 sets. I put this info about strings and other stuff in the description of every video.
  13. How many years you've been playing?
    I started with acoustic guitar in 2003. Then at the age of 15 I got my first electric guitar and things went downhill. Sleepless nights, missed classes, spending money on gear...
    Now, if if you are good enough with math you can figure out the answer! I got 11? No? Well I told you I missed classes at school.